About Me

Hi, I’m Magda. I’m glad you’re here. 

Ever since I know myself, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential. How are some people happy, creative, successful while others struggle to earn a living ?! Is there an external force that organizes our lives and we are just “dolls” with fate already written ?! How can a human being strike the balance (yes, I know, it’s a word “with weight”!)? Between what is inside and what “is” in society ?!

In more than 15 years of work in the corporate environment, in which I held executive and management positions, I realized that it is not the “search” outside of us that gives us the vim (although, for one moment in time, the titles and “honors” make us dizzy in a deceptive drunkenness), but the return to WHO WE REALLY ARE. So simple and, at the same time, so complicated. Society (in the broadest sense of the word) does not teach us nor does it allow to let ourselves be seduced by the simple inner joy when we do something with passion. When we are ONLY in the present. We are afraid of what we might discover inside, we are afraid of our freedom. In fact, what does that mean? Have you ever been really free?

What if you dissolve the veil that does not let you see yourself exactly as you are, in the greatest splendor of your being ?! Rooted in your “core” and master in your own way ?! In your own SELF-EXPRESSION ?! There were questions that I kept asking into my mind, but they only got answered when I leaned inward, to what I was NOT outside, but I KNEW I AM when I was painfully honest with myself.

In short, this was my search. The moment I put a “stop” to what was distracting me from the path, only then I started the process of BEING in me, with me. I discovered my “ikigai”. Now I know that every day is another step towards my heart.

I warmly invite you on the journey to you, where there are your true treasures, where the breath of life shows you… your way.

The “story” of the name “Xpress”

Everything we do is a form of expression. From the way we dress, behave, socialize, etc., to the way we express our thoughts, feelings, emotions. Self-expression, cleansed of past influences, patterns, or experiences, is our true nature. Only by being aware of the meaning and expressing what is revealed from within, we can “sit” on our path.

One evening, as I reflected on what would be the best name to “express” the best I want to do, the “movie” unfolded in my mind made a “stop-frame” on exactly the word I started the series of thoughts. Well, not by “expressing” the “shadows” from inside, I managed to bring them to light and integrate many dark aspects of my being ?! Isn’t the word (written and spoken language) a miracle vehicle through which we make peace with all parts of us ?!

Doesn’t the multitude of thoughts that cross our minds every day (some say, about 60,000 thoughts, daily!) “sit” well, in an useful form for us, when we give them a clear direction? How can this clarity be obtained if not through a form of expression of what really matters to each of us ?!

Words have power. We express mental energy in words. We express our inner universe through language. We are still beings with communication needs, in a continuous refinement of Self-expression, here on Earth.

Therefore, “Xpress Coaching” brings the freedom of the Self, expressed through the most used tool in our reality… the word.

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