Personalized emotional freedom techniques (EFT)​

These techniques are based on traditional Chinese medicine. The modern version that combines acupressure with psychology had George Goodhart as its initiator (chiropractor, 1960). The one who simplified the working algorithms and is considered the “parent” of EFT is Gary Craig.

EFT scientific support

Meridian Energy Therapies (which include Emotional Release Techniques – EFT) include concepts that are in the realm of energy psychology, using known energy points from acupuncture and the energy associated with energy pathways (meridians).

Energy psychology is a psychotherapeutic approach but also self-help, which combines clinical methods (such as focus and imagination) with somatic interventions (stimulation of energy points, through acupressure) for a therapeutic change.

Studies have confirmed physiological changes related to the stimulation of energy points specific to acupuncture, which reduced the level of cortisol (stress hormone), activated the genes responsible for reducing stress, balanced abnormal brain wave patterns, increased serotonin production associated with the sensation of pleasure.

Pressing energy points stimulates:

– Electromagnetic signals – which reduce the excitation of the amygdala (electrical signals produced by stimulating energy points reduce the activity of the limbic system)

– Delta brain waves – repetitive sensory stimulation, through acupressure, generates an increase in the amplitude of delta brain waves in the areas of the brain involved in storing fear memory, as measured by the encephalograph; after a few minutes of stimulation, these amplified delta waves are able to interrupt the activated memory network. It is considered that the receptors of the synapses that mediate the memory of fear are weakened by these strong waves.

– Energy fields – which organize neural activity. 


EFT addresses the body directly, passing through the conscious mind, thus processing all the biochemical combinations in the area of the recipient cells, helping the body to return to the equilibrium area.


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