Transformative Coaching Sessions

A session based on a topic chosen by you, for eg. a challenging issue, a lasting period of stagnation, not being motivated anymore, finding no reason to emprove yourself or the relationships, all kinds of inner struggles etc.

Another suggested topics:
  1. Your main issue you encounter these days
  2. One aspect of your behaviour that is not currently serving you
  3. One of your strength that is over-used and not serving you
  4. One aspect in a personal or family relationship that would like to improve on
  5. A limited belief that is stopping you to move forward.

Transformative coaching is successfully applied both in business environments and for individuals.

Timing: 45-50 min, 10 min. debriefing (what you can take from the meeting, what helps you, what we can continue to work on).

To feel the “flavor” I offer you, free of charge:

– a 30-minute mini-session (in which you can bring any concrete situation you encounter) 

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