Transformative Coaching

Transformative Coaching​

Transformative coaching follows both the principles of positive psychology that provide understanding of what feeds the mind positively and empowers it to be inventive and creative and those of transpersonal psychology. Thus, the client is accompanied to become aware of what makes sense for him, to unify all the parts that make up his “wholeness”. From the “story” told, the coach mirrors the client and, at the same time, supports him to become the observer of his own thoughts. Who is the client beyond perceptions, assumptions, limiting beliefs. The coach in partnership with the client digs into his subconscious mind in order for the client to discriminate between what makes or does not make sense for him and, finally, to reveal his true power, the inner resources, used, later, in fulfilling the personal goal.

Transformative coaching, with a patented structure within the Coach Masters Academy (Singapore), proposes a coach-client conversation such as: Awareness-Clarity-Choice. The coach creates the space for presence, listening and trust, in authenticity, acceptance and empathy. He follows the client’s agenda and rhythm. Highlights strengths and honors customer openness and vulnerability. Validates the client’s work with gratitude.

Transformative coaching has at its center “WHO” is the client and not what problems have “defined” him in the past. In that space, which has become free of prejudices, fears or limiting beliefs, a new understanding is uncovered for the client, generating motivation and self-expression.

Transformative coaching changes lives. I’m here to be your traveling companion. To what you choose TO BE.

Welcome aboard on own your ship!

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